Relay Conference Captioning

About Relay Conference Captioning

Relay Conference Captioning (RCC) is dedicated to providing communication access for deaf and hard-of-hearing participants in conference calls and/or multi-party calls, as well as web conferences. We use the same high-quality captioners that provide closed captioning for live television, news, sports and weather to deliver live, realtime text streamed to an Internet-connected computer anywhere in the world.

How It Works

Once you have scheduled a conference call and arranged for a conference call bridge, schedule your RCC service. If you are using a web conference, be sure to schedule the web portion prior to scheduling the RCC service. You are guaranteed a conference call captioner for your event if you book an event with at least 2 business days advance notice. Calls must begin at or later than 8 AM and must conclude at or prior to 6 PM in your time zone. If you are a first time user, please allow an extra 24 hours for approval, due to the added security measures we take to ensure only authorized users can schedule services. Once your owner number is established as authorized, your requests will fall within standard guidelines.

When booking your event, you will need to provide the phone number for your conference call and access/PIN number, if needed, so that your captioner may dial-in to the event to hear the audio. You will also need to provide login information for your web conference, if applicable. Your RCC captioner will access the event a few minutes prior to the scheduled start of the call.

Once the call is booked and your captioner is assigned, you will receive an email from the scheduling department with the Event ID as well as the web address for you to access your captioned call. Please log in to the provided web address a few minutes prior to the start of the call and follow along with the captioned text as it captures what is spoken on the call in real-time.

Participants can follow along with the dialogue by reading it on-screen as it is spoken and captioned. In order to fully participate in the discussion, a text entry window is provided for you to type to your captioner. Your comments/questions will be spoken on your behalf by the captioner at the earliest break in the discussion or otherwise where appropriate. As the captioner is speaking on your behalf, you will see your original text to the captioner added to the realtime streaming display. All dialogue that is captioned is added to the event transcript, if the service was requested when the event was initially scheduled.

Accuracy and How You Can Help

Our captioners can keep up with dialogue up to 225 words per minute and maintain an average 98% accuracy or better. As this is performed in real-time, an occasional error will occur when the captioner isn’t familiar with terms or names or simply misspells the word. We work constantly to enhance the skills of our team and you can help in the accuracy by providing as much advance information about the event including proper names, agenda, speaker notes, presentations and anything that you may have about the call.

Things to Avoid

Commentary and discussion directly with the captioner that is not a part of the call should be avoided. Your captioner is there to capture the dialogue and deliver it to you in real-time.

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