Relay Conference Captioning


Mobile Relay Conference Captioning (mobileRCC) gives you the freedom to participate in a conference call while on the road. mobileRCC is a service available for mobile devices providing secure real-time text of your conference call to your Smartphone or tablet.

Check with your wireless provider regarding your data plan to ensure you do not incur any additional data fees.

Connect with mobileRCC – using a direct link on Smartphones and Tablets.

Using mobileRCC

Visit and enter your name (used for identification purposes only) as well as your Event ID. The Event ID is the confirmation number you receive when ordering our real-time services. For more information regarding Relay Conference Captioning, visit About RCC.

View the Demo

To view a live demo you may enter 999999998 for Event ID on the login screen of the application.

If you would like to order an event or would like to inquire about our online ordering features, please contact Customer Service: (

Should you wish to have Speak Into Event enabled for your event, you can simply let us know at the time that you order captioning. When this facility is not enabled for an event, the Speak Into Event menu item will be unavailable.

Note: Speaking into an event does not make use of SMS, MMS or other messaging services managed by your wireless provider. There is no impact on the number of text messages you've sent relative to your wireless service contract as a result of using the Speak Into Event functionality. Wireless data rates may apply.

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