Relay Conference Captioning

Do you need a transcript of the call?

Unless specifically disabled, at any time during the event you may click View Transcript to view and save a copy of the transcript in HTML or RTF format. This feature can be disabled by the scheduler of the event to protect confidentiality.

Scheduling Your Call

Currently, all RCC calls are scheduled using an online ordering system.

To schedule your call:

1. Arrange for a conference call or conference bridge. We provide captioning and voice relay for a conference call.

2. Complete the ordering form including date, time, time zone and conference call number. Immediately you will be provided with an e-mail to confirm your conference call.

Canceling a Scheduled Call

We support a limited number of calls per day and hour. Should your event be changed or canceled, please email us at to let us know so we can verify availability or accommodate other requests.

Required Notice

Please provide at least 48 hours notice (2 business days) for any conference call that you need captioned to guarantee coverage. Events with less than 48 hours advance notice will be covered using our best efforts, but cannot be guaranteed. If you are a first time user, please allow an extra 24 hours for approval, due to the added security measures we take to ensure only authorized users can schedule services. Once your owner number is established as authorized your requests will fall within standard guidelines.

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