Relay Conference Captioning


Relay Conference Captioning includes an optional free service for you to receive a full transcript of the call when requested at the time the request is placed.

Our Built-on-the-fly Transcript allows authorized participants to view a copy of the session transcript at any time during the discussion in a separate viewer window from the realtime event captioning. This is a snap-shot of the dialogue up to that moment.

Meeting attendees who are late to a call can catch up on earlier dialogue while continuing to view the current discussion at the same time. Meeting participants can view all of the text from the beginning of a call and the full text is available for distribution and archive immediately at the conclusion of the event.

Saving a Copy of the Transcript

If you have requested a transcript at the time of event scheduling, a Built-on-the-fly Transcript can be saved by meeting participants directly to their computers at the conclusion of the event. The Transcript button at the bottom of the viewer page will open the transcript and also enable the user to save a copy of the transcript in either text or HTML formats.

Conference Call Confidentiality

We treat every call with the highest degree of confidentiality possible. As a result of these stringent standards, it is our standard procedure to destroy the record of the call as it concludes. It is impossible to recover the text of the call once the confidentiality rules are imposed. Therefore, the only way to ensure that you receive a copy of the call transcript is to request it at the time you place the RCC request.

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